Do you believe in Bigfoot?


Bigfoot spotted at Causey Reservoir

Redcastle Productions is prepping a new interview with Justin Spencer of North Ogden Utah.  Spencer, along with several friends and a date were spending the evening at Causey Reservoir, near Eden, Utah. The group was paddling canoes in the Southern arm of the reservoir when they were startled by large rocks being thrown in the water near their canoes.  According to Spencer those rocks were being thrown by Bigfoot.

In a couple of weeks our camera crew will sit down with Spencer and record a full account of this terrifying experience that he and his friends had.

Elusive Bigfoot spotted in the High Uinta Mountains (1977)

Two adults and 6 young men spot a large creature, believed to be Bigfoot in the Cuberant Basin area of the High Uinta Mountains.

In the summer of 1977, Jay Barker of North Ogden, Utah and seven others witnessed a very strange creature standing upright on two legs.  At first sight of the creature, Barker and his friend Larry Beeson, thought that the creature might have been an Elk.   (John More, BFRO:

Barker said, “the thing was standing on two legs it didn’t have four legs.  It was black body all over, but it had white hair coming off the head and going down the back.”

The apparent Bigfoot was reported to be between eight and ten feet in height.  The group watched for three minutes as the creature walked away from them, around a small pond and stopped at the edge of some trees.  The creature then looked around for a second and disappeared into the thick trees.  (Isaac Barker, Redcastle Productions:

That same night Dave Beeson from that same group said, that they heard strange screams and breaking timber near their camp.  Several boys also had something sit up against their tent collapsing it on them.

An expedition, days later into the area turned up no signs of the Bigfoot.  The ground was too hard for any footprints to have been found.

Years later Barker would have another visit from Bigfoot, but this time near his home in North Ogden, Utah.  One early morning while feeding fish at Cold Springs Trout Farm, Barker found large footprints and dozens of dead fish on the lawn.

“I have a cast, 14 inches long with five toes,” he said, adding the creature took some of his fish.

(Lynn Arave, Deseret News: )